We Make Legal Action As Easy As Possible When You Live Out Of State

In an average year, Arkansas hosts more than 25 million visitors and tourists.* Spending nearly $7 billion, they figure as an important part of our local economy. Unfortunately, those coming into the state via Interstate 40 or Interstate 30 too often find themselves involved in catastrophic auto accidents. Indeed, a large proportion of crashes in our state involve visitors — though, of course, this is not the fault of the visitors themselves.

At Mason Kelly & Collier, we offer legal support when you are injured in motor vehicle collision while traveling through or touring our state. With more than 75 years of combined experience, we understand your priorities. You want to get better — and you want to get home. Our firm pursues financial compensation from all available resources to help you pay for your medical care and related concerns.

In many situations, we are able to facilitate a case while the client remains in their home state.

Why Are Arkansas Roads So Dangerous?

I-40 and I-30 are major thoroughfares that serve as major interstate trucking routes. As such, they are the site of a large number of serious trucking accidents each year. Likewise, because the steady traffic on these roads requires a great deal of highway maintenance, many crashes result from improperly maintained and operated construction sites.

The consequences can be catastrophic. Injuries are often severe. Recovery is time-consuming and expensive. Moreover, injured travelers often worry they will have to make inconvenient trips back to Arkansas to resolve their legal matters.

Our firm is aggressive in our pursuit of financial damages. We are assertive in our negotiations with insurance companies and opposing counsel. We know the tactics they will use to underpay a claim and we understand how to fight back. We are adept at resolving claims favorably and efficiently, and it is often the case that visitors can remain at home for the duration of the legal process.

We'll Handle The Legal Process. You Can Return Home.

To learn more about our services, schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers. With headquarters in Little Rock, we have offices throughout the state, including many situated along I-40.

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