Why Highway Construction Leads To More Crashes

One of the primary tasks of the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (ASHTD) is to regulate highway construction and ensure that work sites are safe. The department is diligent in its efforts, and lays out clear rules pertaining to the design and execution of highway improvements, as well as statutes for how to maintain the work sites themselves.

Yet contractors and other workers routinely flout the law. Highway construction sites go unsupervised and become dangerous. As a result, catastrophic auto collisions proliferate every year on work sites across the state.

At-Fault Parties Don't Get Away When We Get Involved

This is why the attorneys at Mason Kelly & Collier have made it their mission to hold responsible parties to account. With more than 75 years of combined experience, we know how to investigate the causes of a serious accident and identify those who are liable.

Our ultimate aim is to help you and your family obtain maximum financial relief after incapacitating or life-ending injuries, seeking compensation for medical bills, lost wages, property damage and related concerns.

With offices along Interstate 40, Interstate 30 and Highway 67 — three of the busiest thoroughfares in Arkansas — we stand prepared to help.

What Are Actionable Causes Of Highway Construction Site Accidents?

Any number of factors can contribute to a highway construction site accident. Some of the most common include:

  • Workers' violation of ASHTD standards
  • Workers' violation of federal highway safety standards
  • Workers' violation of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
  • Inadequate work site supervision
  • Spills and work site runoff
  • Insufficient warnings and signage of construction
  • Recklessness of other drivers and truckers on the road

Our attorneys have successfully handled matters stemming from these and similar scenarios, obtaining the compensation our clients need to recover.

Proving Fault: Why Having Offices Near The Construction Site Matters

In any accident case, you must present evidence that establishes your opponent's fault in causing the crash. At a construction site, every detail matters:

  • Where were cones, warning signs or barriers placed?
  • What types of cones, warning signs or barriers were used?
  • Was traffic rerouted according to the approved plans?
  • Were the plans followed as the project moved forward?
  • Did workers leave heavy equipment in the way at quitting time?

These details matter, but they are not preserved at the scene forever. In fact, the evidence gets lost quickly. Workers continue the job, traffic reopens, rain can wash things away and, yes, at fault parties may move or remove evidence in an effort to reduce or eliminate their liability.

With offices along Interstate 40, Interstate 30 and Highway 67, we stand ready to respond quickly to preserve this vital evidence.

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